• Stiller Actions - Devil's Brigade Shootout NRL

    Stiller Actions - Devil's Brigade Shootout NRL


    Date:  September 25-27, 2020

    Check in and check zero starts September 25 at 1300-1900


    Where:  TRM Ranch – 388 Upper TRM Ranch Road, Dupuyer, MT 59432


    Cost:  $250 per person (select Local Pickup or you will be charged shipping!) - Match, T-shirt (or other swag), Saturday and Sunday Breakfast, Saturday Dinner (all shooters and RO's at the TRM Lodge), and Sunday after match sandwiches included.  You will be sent a link to Practiscore within a few days of purchasing your slot. 


    The Devil's Brigade is the nickname given to the 1st Special Service Force, which was brought about during the 2nd World War and is the daddy to the US and the Canadian SOF. "Freddie's Freighters" was first born in Helena, MT at Ft. Harrison. Serving missions in the Aluetian Islands, Italy, and southern France, these hard Americans and Canadians struck fear into the hearts of their enemies. They would sneak into enemy camps at night, either slit throats or steal boots, and leave a calling card saying, "The worst is yet to come!" We hope to honor and remember these men and their ancestors.  We will also be hosting side matches, a mulligan and are working on a silent auction to benefit the Green Beret Foundation.  Bring your cash to help out a great organization!


    Equipment:  Shooting bags are restricted to 1ft x 1ft individual size, no larger.  Equipment may be restricted by stage, but otherwise unrestricted as long as the competitor wants to pack it all day. Tripods may be deployed on time, stage dependent.


    Course of Fire:  The course of fire will consist of targets anywhere from 200 yards to 1800 yards. Competitors will traverse the course on foot. (Contact the Match Director if there are special considerations to be had). The COF will be 10 stages on Saturday and 8 stages on Sunday.  The stages will be a mixture of natural terrain and built obstacles that will have to be considered and attacked on the clock.  All stages will have given ranges and description of the stage found in the match book.  Time limits will be stage dependent throughout the COF.


    Safety Considerations:  Firearms safety rules will be strictly followed and enforced.  All weapons will be cleared before moving off the firing line.  All weapons will have an Empty Chamber Indicator (ECI).  If there is blowing dirt conditions, it will be addressed at that time.

    1) Treat every weapon as if it were loaded.

    2) Never point your weapon at anything you do not want to shoot.

    3) Keep your finger straight and off the trigger until you are ready to fire.

    4) Keep your weapon on safe until you intend to fire.

    5) Always know your targets foreground and background.

    We will be following all NRL Rules and Safety Regulations. 


    Other Safety Considerations:  This area of Montana has a very high Grizzly Bear population as well as mountain lions and wolves.  Be aware of your surroundings at all times.  Stay away from lone walks into thickets and when you do walk make enough noise to alert the local wildlife that you are present.  It’s a nasty thing surprising a grizzly.


    Accommodations: The TRM Ranch does have accommodations to allow for shooters to stay onsite. There are 30 bunks in the Lodge, which will be rented out on a first come first serve basis $45/night.  At this time, the ranch is only allowing in state visitors in the lodge and they would prefer to keep the numbers fewer than 30 due to social distancing.  If this changes we will update you.  Dry camping (recommend hard sided campers) will be permitted on site and will be $10/night.


    Local Hotel/Motels:

    Buffalo Wallow – Dupuyer, MT 406-472-3399 (new 12 room motel)

    Inn Dupuyer – Dupuyer, MT 406-472-3241 http://www.inndupuyer.com/

    Lake Frances Inn – Valier, MT 406-279-3476 https://sites.google.com/site/lakefrancesinn/

    Stone School Inn – Valier, MT 406-279-3796 http://stoneschoolinn.com/

    Stage Stop Inn – Choteau, MT 406-466-5900 http://www.stagestopinn.com/


    There are some VBRO and Airbnb available within the area as well.


    Dupuyer is approximately an 8-10 minute drive from the TRM Ranch.  Valier is approximately 20-25 minutes.  Choteau is about 20-25 minutes.


    Dupuyer, MT is located on HWY 89 and within about an hour you can be up to Glacier National Park.


    Travel Considerations:  Dupuyer, MT is a very small town. There are no gas stations or “regular” grocery stores.  Dupuyer Cache is a small store with some grocery and convenience items. Please be prepared.  There is a restaurant Buffalo Joes (next to Buffalo Wallow Motel) that includes a bar. It is a very popular restaurant in our area.  The nearest airport is Great Falls International, in Great Falls, MT (1.5 hours).


    Weather Considerations:  By late September the weather should be nice with warmer temps, but also be prepared for extreme weather such as snow and storms.  Please bring appropriate clothing and footwear.  Some hiking may be involved.


    Prizes: Prizes will be as follows:

    1st – Trophy

    2nd – Trophy

    3rd – Trophy

    Top Lady- Trophy

    Top Junior – Trophy

    Top Mil/ LE – Trophy


    Any questions please call: (406)853-2723


    Other Considerations:  While not every shooter also hunts big game, there are ethical considerations when it comes to extreme long range shooting and hunting.  Fair Chase is considered the ethics within the hunting community.  It has been the code of the sportsmen since Theodore Roosevelt nationalized this concept well over a century ago to define the true sportsmen, and distance them from the commercial market hunter whose only code was killing for profit. Honing one's shooting skills for hunting is one ethical choice we make. Understanding that game animals are not targets is another.


    Come on up to Montana, pack light, practice your tripod skills, and get solid on your wind.  We'd love to see you up here.


    Chas and Dawn Bales


      NOTE:  There will be no refunds if you cancel your entry into this match.  If you sell/trade/give your slot to somebody else, please contact us and let us know so that we can get the match info and updates to them in a timely fashion.  Thanks!


      NOTE:  Please select LOCAL PICKUP to avoid being charged for shipping for the match.  Let us know if you have any questions!