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Welcome Back!

So it has been a long time since we did a blog post. We figured we should reintroduce ourselves and introduce some of our dealers.

We are Warhorse Development LLC, also known as Chas and Dawn. We started our small business in 2017 as just a part time hobby. It all started when I wouldn't sew a new rear bag for Chas (I really don't like to sew that much). I told him to learn and do it himself, so that is what he did. He got my mom to show him how to run the sewing machine, then he started cutting up his old cammies. Before long he was getting orders and coming up with new ideas. The Saracen, our original four legged bag, was designed during Chas's breaks at his full time job. Since then we have added a number of other bags to our line up, and even got rid of a few that didn't seem quite right. The Saracen, is still available by special request and maybe if Chas gets a wild hair, but we have basically retired this bag. It's baby brothers the Clede and Comanche have taken its place.

The rest is kind of history. We had enough demand that Chas was able to start making bags full time in March of 2018. We even have an employee who has been an absolute blessing to our business. She is incredibly valuable and we are so happy to have her as part of the team.

We now have dealers in multiple countries, sell to even more countries, sell all over the US, support new shooters, donate to many prize tables, host national level long range matches and continue to build our business. So thank you to our original customers for your support and encouragement along the way. Thank you to our new customers for providing us this opportunity to continue doing what we love.

Now I would like to introduce some of our dealers and partners. Maybe one of them will have the exact bag you want at the right time, or maybe they are in your neighborhood and you can support a local business. Either way, we are grateful for all of these fine businesses and their belief in our products.


Mile High Shooting Accessories has been a dealer of our products since the early days. They primarily carry our Canister bags, but will also carry our four legged bags such as the Comanche and Clede.


Anarchy Outdoors has also been with us since the early days. They carry most of our bags and are great guys to work with.

Long Range Shooters of Utah carries a few of our bags and does special orders once in a while. They have matches and training and carry other goods as well.


Triad Tactical is a newer dealer but has been talking to Chas for quite a while. He carries the Clede bag and lots of other great products.


Ranch and Farm Wholesale Supply in Glendive, MT has been with us for about a year. A former employee of ours connected us and it has been a great relationship ever since. They carry almost all of our bags and are super to work with.

Norman's Outdoor Sports in Cut Bank, MT is within spitting distance and one of our newest dealers. They carry a wide variety of our bags, so if you are ever traveling Highway 2 in Northern Montana you should stop in!


Brink Excursions is one of our newest dealers. They carry lots of different products and also have guided and self guided hunts.

North Carolina:

Arrow-Dynamics has been with us since the early days. One of the nicest guys! Plus his son does great photography work. Definitely look them up if you are in the area!


Swanny's Comp Gear. You can't miss this companies logo. Everyone knows it! We did a special run of waxed canvas Clede's with the logo for Swanny. Check them out!


Go Big Tactical is a new dealer for us. They ordered a variety of bags and are patiently waiting on a specialized Clede that we are trying to find the right equipment to make.


Low Vis Gear has been with us for about a year. This guy has multiple jobs, designs and sews his own products, carries products from the premier companies in the states and still finds time to help fight fires. If you are in Australia (maybe even NZ) definitely look him up!


DG Guns Ltd is our newest dealer. We have heard lots about this company and are super excited to work with them. If you are in the UK or Ireland get in touch with them to place an order.

We are always looking to add more dealers and create new partnerships so if you are a dealer and want to carry our products please reach out! Wherever you are, get in touch with us, or one of these great businesses!

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