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The Kung Flu and going forward

I hope and pray that your families are doing well and you have the items needed for your survival and comfort in the next coming weeks.

We here at Warhorse are going to continue mission as always. Seeings how our business is still hidden in the dungeon and by default of rural living self quarantine is practiced daily, our production will not halt. As long as shipping continues, we will continue to ship out your orders.

As far as our upcoming Big Medicine Precision Rifle Challenge, June 18-20, it is far enough in the future we don't forsee the need to cancel or postpone. We will continue to play it by ear and wait for what the future holds. But plan on a dang good time and beautiful scenery.

We will be releasing the Clede X, our champion bag with the Area 419 Railchanger X adaptability, this weekend. Be quick to order, because we will be offering a couple special, limited edition colors, like Hot Pink, Navy Blue, and a few others I don't plan on carrying as a mainstay. I think you will be very happy with the Clede X. The ability to use with or with out the plate is a huge advantage. I used one of the prototypes to great success at the NRL Championship on several stages, as did some folks in my squad.

Stay safe and take this time to dry fire and maybe get some range time if your able. As always, love your family, be honest in everything you do, and keep your powder dry.


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