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Moving Forward

As some of you already know, there are going to be some changes for Warhorse Development starting immedietly. For those of you who have seen or used a Saracen (aka the Tactical Udder), we want to give you a little background and let you know what is going on.

The Saracen was developed after I talked to a few competitors about how many bags they had, and after I had approached Bison Tactical (Boulder, CO) about carrying some of my other products.

When I asked my friend and shooting partner why he had so many bags and wasn't there just one that would do everything, he said "There is, you just haven't made it yet." I did some preliminary drawings of all sorts of different bags. Four legs, two legs, wedges, you name it... nothing was coming together or seeming right though.

Then, when I was talking to Bison Tactical about my Canister and Traveler bags, he mentioned that he really wanted to see a four legged bag. So I went back to the drawing board. It took about a month of cutting out cardboard templates, measuring, fiddling, but I made one. It wasn't pretty, and my wife barely recognizes it as being a Saracen, but it was the original prototype. I brought it to the District 6 Rifleman's Team Challenge Match in Three Forks, MT. I showed it to Eric and Anne Miller (AEM Precision), the President of the Montana Rifle and Pistol Association, and several others. It was critiqued by these fine folks and after the match I started up on prototype number 2. Finished that and then I called Bison Tactical back. He wanted on board, so a business relationship was born.

After sending him a prototype and getting some prototypes out to my shooting partner and a few other people, changes were made to the handles, how you fill it, and the overall size and weight. Everyone who used the originals had great input on minor changes to clean it up and make it the great, versatile product that it is.

If you haven't noticed, all the products I make are named after real war horses from history (pretty clever right). Saracen was Sam Houston's horse in the Battle of San Jacinto in the fight for Texas's independence from Mexico. Saracen was shot out from under Sam Houston according to some information available. But because of its odd shape it gained the misnomer of the "Tactical Udder".

Fast forward six months. The Saracen is becoming more widely known and as we develop our business and make sure we are making smart choices and making money, we have decided to end our relationship with Bison Tactical. Financially it didn't make sense to have a middle man in the retail chain when the margins are so tight. Thanks for your support and we hope you enjoy your Saracen, the original four legged tactical field bag.

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