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A little tour of Warhorse Development

I decided to hijack the blog today. We know that it has been quiet, so I figured we should get something out there. The boss has been super busy at his other job for the last couple of weeks and hasn't been home to really work on anything. I thought I might give you a little tour of Warhorse Development and update you on what we have been up to.

About two weeks ago, Chas purchased an industrial Consew sewing machine that had been used to make high end dog beds for a number of years. The old Singer just wasn't cutting it for some of the stuff he was trying to do. Chas and our first kiddo made a 9 hour round trip drive across the mountains to go pick it up.

This past weekend, we finished clearing out some old shelving and a computer desk out of the sewing room. Just for reference the sewing room is about 5 ft wide and 14 ft long. The sewing room already had a long table with the Singer set up on it. Chas likes to think of it as his "sweatshop".

We are concerned that this is just not enough room to run multiple sewing machines (according to all the quilters we know, it is absolutely not enough room). We have another option... the space where we have moved all the storage stuff from the sewing room to. The thought of moving it all back again is a little daunting, but it would be more space.

So that may be a project in the next weekend or so, if we decide to switch things around. Chas also has "his" room for all his reloading equipment, the shop with the machinery, and a range out the back door.

A little story. One morning a couple of summers ago I was enjoying my coffee on our deck which is about 50 yards from where this shooting table and chair are and I happened to look up and around the end of the shed (would be on the left side of the table and chairs) sauntered a grizzly bear. I of course ran to go get a camera and the phone to call my dad, but by the time I got a picture he/she was half way across the field. So my pictures didn't turn out great. When my dad investigated further, we discovered that the bear had broke into one of the grain bins behind the shed and made quite a mess. I will admit that I kind of enjoy seeing the bears out here, but I am glad that we have a fenced yard for the kids.

Speaking of the kids, this is my favorite wall in the reloading room. I like seeing all the ear pro for everyone all lined up and the kids' "rifles" that they take when they go shooting with their dad.

Chas also enjoys shooting longer distances up at "the canyon". This was a favorite spot of mine when I was growing up. I love the straight down cliffs, hoo-doo's and the view of the mountains from this land. I never complained when dad would send me up there to summer-fallow all the fields (not that I ever complained about driving tractor - I loved it).

A few more pictures of our view. Unfortunately, it is quite overcast today and the mountains aren't shining the way they usually do.

So I will sign off now. We would like to thank everyone that has promoted Warhorse Development and purchased products! We really appreciate your business and support. And a little added treat for those of you who read this until April 16, 2017 use the coupon code Sunrise for 15% off. Thanks again - Dawn

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