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Warhorse Development is Getting out of the Remuda!

It has been a while in the making but I am currently building a website. After so many folks asking about a website, I had to go ahead and throw the rope. So, since we are now saying "F' it! We'll do it live!" let me tell you about what Warhorse Development is and what we are planning on going forward.

The company idea started a long time ago when I was in Iraq with the United States Marine Corps. I was always hand stitching my gear and other Marines' gear in order to make it better. You can never get something issued that is just right or buy it for that matter. I always have to modify it in order to make it right. Speaking with other Marines, they always teased me and would say I was playing Betsy Ross when I was sewing, but they would also say I should start a company. I thought that was a good idea, but I would rather train people in the safe handling of firearms and improve their abilities. So that was the main thing on my mind when I came home. Until of course I met a girl on the plane back to Montana.

That girl became my wife and we now have three kids and have been married for just over 10years. In that time I got a civil engineering degree and have built roads and bridges along the Rocky Mountain Front. It's a neat job but its not really my passion. Teaching people to shoot and coming up with new and improved equipment for the shooting sports or even tactical community is. So I've sought out experts in sewing and machining and have learned from them how to do what I want to do.

So stick with me on this journey as we evolve our knowledge and the technologies and equipment we use. Hopefully you'll be able to take something away that will improve your abilities and make your skills something that can not only help your competition or hunting, but help in the defense of your family and the idea of America.

God bless and keep your powder dry,


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