Warhorse Development LLC POLICY

Lifetime Guarantee:  We will fix or replace your bag for life!  If the product fails because of the manufacturing process, we will fix or replace the bag.  If the fabric tears because you dragged it over a nail or decided to hang it on a barbed wire fence, we will patch the bag for a fee dependent upon the extent of damage.  NOTE:  This guarantee does not cover alteration of the bag done by you.  If you poke a hole in it for an ARCA mount, for instance, and it the fabric fails, we will help you fix it, but it will cost you shipping, shop time, cost of materials, and a stern talking to.

Shipping/Fulfillment Times:  We are a made to order shop.  Even if it says it is "in stock" there is a good chance that it isn't.  Orders will be fulfilled on a first come, first serve basis as products are made.  We TRY to fulfill orders within 2 to 3 weeks but it could take up to 4.  We will contact you if it is looking like it is going to be out to four weeks.  Thank you for your patience and support of this small business!

Privacy Policy:  We will never sell your information.  We will only email you if we have a promotion or something new.  We like our privacy and we know you do too.