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This year, we are doing things a little different.  We are starting a small match series, The Devil's Brigade Rifle Series, that will primarily consist of smaller, one day matches in different parts of Montana.  There will be multiple different match directors and locations to choose from.  At the end of the season we hope to hold a 2 day finale, near Dupuyer, MT.  We hope that by having smaller one day matches, that we can get more locals involved (a lot of these shooters are farmers and ranchers and can't take 3-4 days off at a time), and have competitors be able to travel to, shoot a match and travel back within a day.  We also hope to keep the costs lower for new shooters, and have a ranked system, where you are competing against other shooters of your experience level.  The cost to enter the series will be $40 for an individual.  For families, each additional person will get 10% off their membership fee.  This amount will help pay for the time to manage the series, and go towards series swag, such as stickers, a tumbler, water bottle, shirt or some other type of swag, for each person who signs up for the series.  The cost of each match within the series will be determined by the Match Director of that match.​​  The series is not limited to Montana shooters.  We welcome people from everywhere.  You do not have to sign up as a member for the series in order to participate, but your scores will not count towards the season finale and you won't get any swag. We hope that if the border ever opens to be able to include our Canadian neighbors as well. 


We will update this information with firm dates and locations and match sign up links as they become available, so check back often.



Shooting against your skill level peers is a great determinant for skill and motivator to gain skill.  This is something that has been missing in the precision rifle game.  The break down will go as follows:

  • Marksman - 0 - 50%

  • Expert - 50.01 - 80%

  • Master - 80.01 - 100%

These percentages are based off of the Winner's score because not all match difficulties will be equal.  There will be series trophies for the Top Three in each division.  Juniors and Lady's scores will be tallied for a finale trophy regardless of their division.


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