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covid precision rifle match

part 2

April 25, 2020 - May 24, 2020



Practicing safe social distancing and following all local, state and federal guidelines, we invite you to participate in our Social Distancing Fun Match. 


To participate you will sign up on practiscore  Then you will need 2 - 5 gallon buckets, 2 sawhorses, 2 tires, a ladder, a tripod and a chair (if you don't have any of this equipment, improvise with something similar).  You will need to have the ability to record yourself shooting (don't need to see impacts unless you want to).  You will need to set 2 - 2 MOA targets, each set at different distances to use holdovers or dial elevation.  When the stage is completed you will submit your video to facebook or instagram with the following tag #covidprecisionriflematchpartdeux as well as tag all the sponsors (see below).  ONE POST, WITH ALL 5 VIDEOS IS FINE.  PUT IT IN YOUR TIMELINE, NOT JUST YOUR STORIES.  You will have from April 25 to May 23rd to submit your videos.  Drawing will be on May 24th, at 2 PM MST.  If you ordered a shirt or hoodie from NineLine, wear it for your videos and use the hashtag #mymatchshirtiscoolerthanyours to be entered for a side drawing.

Stage 1 Setup:  Two Buckets - 6 Rounds - Time 60 seconds

With buckets staged 3' apart.  Start standing, mag in, bolt back.  Engage near target from top of first bucket with 2 rounds.  Transition to prone and engage far target​ with 2 rounds.  Transition to second bucket and engage near target with 2 rounds.

Stage 2 Setup:  Shoots and Ladders - 6 Rounds - Time 60 Seconds 

Starting magazine in, bolt back, engage the  near target from the top rung with 1 round and far target with 1 round, move to the top of the tires and engage near to far with 1 round a piece, move back to the ladder and engage near to far with 1 round.

Stage 3 Setup:  Saw Horses (With saw horses butted up to each other, 1 parallel and 1 perpendicular to the target) - 6 Rounds - Time 60 Seconds

Engage targets near to far with 1 round and then change position.  Shooter must utilize each of the saw horses at least 1 time.  Only 1 position can be used twice.  (So, there will be 3 positions being shot from and only 1 of those positions can be used twice, after the competitor has moved once. Watch the video.)

Stage 4 Setup:  The Tripod - 6 Rounds - Time 60 Seconds 

Starting mag in bolt back.  Engage near target with 2 rounds, engage far target with two rounds, and re-engage near target with two rounds.

Stage 5 Setup:  The Satterlee Chair - 6 Rounds - Time 60 Seconds 

Starting mag in, bolt back.  Shooter is to engage the targets near to far with 1 round, each position.  It is the Competitors choice what positions are used, 3 positions total.


A number of sponsors have donated products for this fun match.  All prizes will be awarded by random draw at the completion of the match.  REMEMBER TO TAG AND FOLLOW THE SPONSORS.  SPONSORS MAY BE ADDED SO CHECK BACK ONCE IN AWHILE.  The drawing will be held by Instagram Live Video on May 24th at 2 pm MST.  

SPONSORS (Subject to change):


Bolt Gunner

Warhorse Development

Brink Excursions

Cascade Precision Rifleworks

DM Targets

Lantac USA

Bartlein Barrels 


Grayboe Stocks 

Grayboe Stocks 

Gray Ops CNC 

Hawkins Precision 



Swarovski Optik


Lone Peak Arms 

McMillan Fiberglass Stocks 

Modular Driven Technologies 

Thunder Beast Arms

TS Customs

US Optics


Zermatt Arms 

Anarchy Outdoors

AEM Precision

Impact Data Books

DST Precision

M2 Actual

Snyder Precision LLC

Ridgeline UK - for UK and Europe participants only

Innovative Cutting Systems (@westmarktech IG)

This is not a sanctioned match by Warhorse Development LLC or any of the sponsors.  We are not condoning breaking any laws or restrictions to participate in this activity. 

Update:  Our international participants will be eligible for the Warhorse Development LLC prizes.  This was our idea, and we can't ask partners to do international shipping.





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