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From humble beginnings as a mustang running free on the plains to the fateful Battle of the Little Bighorn, Comanche, the war horse, is an absolute legend.  Famed as the sole survivor of Custer's Last Stand, Comanche reached national acclaim and even years after his death at the age of 29, Johnny Horton (one of the best country singers of all time) sings a song about the brave horse.  Captured in 1868 and sold to the US Army, Comanche was known as a trusty and stoic horse, gaining his name while fighting the Comanche the horse was wounded by an arrow, but continued the fight.  He was a tough horse that needed no sedation while his wounds were tended.  On June 25, 1876 he was seen going into battle with Custer's detachment and his rider, Captain Miles Keogh, two days later he was found wounded and alone.  He was retired from service but stayed with his beloved 7th Cavalry and was allowed to wander the base with impunity, but always showed up in his place for morning formation.  Comanche died November 7, 1891 shortly after his caretaker Gustave Korn was killed at Wounded Knee.  They say he died of a broken heart.  We are proud to name our field bag Comanche in his honor. 

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