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Big Sky Brawl PRS

Martin Lucero of ML Shooting Solutions and Chas Bales of Warhorse Development LLC have teamed up to host a new Precision Rifle Series match in Montana!  The Big Sky Brawl, will be held at the TRM Ranch, west of Dupuyer, MT July 24-25, 2021.

Many of you have competed at this amazing location before!  The beautiful scenery and challenging conditions make this a premier match in the long range community.

Professional photography by Ross Mosher, and BBQ Pit Master Tim Boetsch from “The Barbarian Q” (UFC Fighter, who is partnered with Myron Mixon Smokers) will be on site as well.

Cost:  $250 

To Register:  Big Sky Brawl Registration | PractiScore

More info is available at: ML Shooting Solutions - The "Big Sky Brawl"

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